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Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

companyColorado State University
PublishedPublished: 6/20/2024
Full Time

The Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Affairs (VPDUA) is first and foremost a passionate champion of undergraduate education and student success. The VPDUA is a key member of the Provost and Executive Vice President’s leadership team, with the primary responsibilities of providing student centered, academic, strategic, and operational leadership for all initiatives supporting undergraduate education and campus-wide student success programs. This individual leads the enhancement of academic programs including program review, assessment of student learning, advising initiatives, and development of new academic programs. They provide support for campus leadership for reaccreditation. The VPDUA assists the Provost/EVP in building collaborative networks across the University to support undergraduate student success, degree completion, high-impact practices, and general education throughout the undergraduate experience, and helps maintain connectivity between the Provost/EVP and their many reporting units and individuals. The VPDUA identifies and realizes strategic priorities for the Provost/EVP related to undergraduate education and student success and executes specific strategic and logistical projects that support those strategic priorities. The VPDUA leads initiatives to promote equity of opportunity and diversity. They will work with academic units across all disciplines to advance student success and improve student retention and graduation rates.

This position involves significant independent decision-making and extensive partnering with units and individuals who report to or collaborate closely with the VPUDA and the Provost/EVP’s Office, including the academic deans and vice presidents from across the university. The Assistant Vice President for Student Success and the Executive Director of University Academic Advising and Outreach dual report to the VPDUA and to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Director of the University Honors Program, the Professor of Military Science (Army ROTC), the Professor of Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC), and the undergraduate student appeals officer also report to the VPDUA. The VPDUA always represents the Office of the Provost in a professional and engaging manner.

The individual in this position will demonstrate significant administrative experience at a large, complex university. They will demonstrate a high level of personal leadership, initiative, and project management expertise to translate ideas and vision into action, making timely, informed decisions to support effective processes, and help the Provost/EVP achieve significant gains in productivity and impact.

The VPDUA partners with the Provost/EVP to lead the Provost/EVP’s Office in achieving its strategic vision and goals relative to undergraduate education and student success, including developing and executing the logistical processes that will lead to the achievement of goals in consultation with the Provost/EVP but as the primary executor.

The VPDUA is a 12-month full-time position. The VPDUA is a member of the Provost and Executive Vice President’s staff and the President’s Executive Leadership Team.