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Full Time Surgical Tech Instructor

Full Time Surgical Tech Instructor

location4021 Rosewood Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA
PublishedPublished: 4/15/2024
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Full Time

Come care with us at American Career College! As a Surgical technologist faculty member for a certified Great Place to Work, you will guide our surgical tech students to do more than change their own lives – you will help change the lives of every patient they treat throughout their career in healthcare. At American Career College you will have the opportunity to share your success story with the next generation of surgical technologists!

You will make an impact by: 

  • Serving as a mentor, role model and facilitator who provides guidance and academic support for students.
  • Demonstrating enthusiasm for teaching, the teaching/learning process, and for individual students.
  • Applying your skills and experience to your assigned teaching schedule.
  • Participating in and contributing to assessment activities of courses/curriculum and programs via a continuous improvement plan set forth by the University.
  • Improving class materials and syllabi within prescribed shared governance culture.
  • Utilizing a variety of teaching methodologies to instruct students, always with intent to facilitate observable evidence of student fulfillment of prescribed learning outcomes.
  • Maintaining scholarly activities.
  • Participating in professional growth and service in accordance with university policies.
  • *If working with students in a Clinical setting you will:
    • Assume complete responsibility for students in clinical facilities.
    • Clarify clinical expectations with students.
    • Clarify student placement and expectations with clinical facility staff.
    • Utilize care planning time to direct students to available resources needed for clinical preparation.
    • Assess student knowledge and skill level to ensure safety and optimal care for patients.
    • Utilize pre- and post- conference to allow students an opportunity to share learned experiences, ensuring clarity of the correlation between weekly theory content with clinical objectives and experiences.
    • Provide feedback of clinical performance immediately after observation of event and of overall performance at midterm and end of semester.

Your Experience Includes: 

  • Three (3) years of occupational (i.e. practical) experience in the subject field in which they teach.
  • Within the last five years, at least three years of operating room experience or teaching in the field, or a combination of the two before hire date.

Education: Education and experience must align with state regulations and comply with the rules and regulations of state authorization agencies.

  • At least an associate degree with the appropriate coursework in the subject required.
  • Must be a graduate from a program accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) in the specialty field or the subject area in which they teach.
  • Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in the healthcare field.
  • Current Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) credential.